Audio visual rentals can be a nice stream of revenue for any venue that offers meeting space. No matter the size of the
meeting rooms, being able to offer premier audio visual rental systems is a must in today’s market.

We understand the many costs that are needed in order to run a hotel, conference center, or any other venue.
Sometimes smaller venues do not have the knowledge, finances, or time to tackle the forever changing, innovative a/v

Depending on the size of your meeting space you may require a small, medium, or large selection of equipment. With a
site visit from one of our professional Leasing Directors, we can assist you in choosing the right amount of equipment.


How much does it cost?
We don’t charge a penny up front. With our site visit, and previous years a/v revenue (provided by you), we are able to
put together a monthly cost for you.

What would the monthly cost be?
This is a great program that keeps start-up costs down, as well as maintenance, technology and up-keep. After an
analysis on your property and the equipment needed, we put together a very affordable monthly rental price. This
monthly rate will end up being a small piece of the revenue.

What about training?
We definitely offer training for our equipment.  We also offer user manuals, 24/7 tech support over the phone, and for an
additional cost (per visit/hour/day), a technician. Our technicians can setup and operate any event. All we require is 72
hours notice. We are able to handle emergency calls as well.

What if a piece of equipment breaks?
We deliver a replacement.  We aren’t too far away! We always have backup gear nearby.

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