Microphone Rentals
We carry wireless microphones, lavs, headsets, and wired microphones.  We also have a great selection of stands! If you
have any problems picking out a microphone, give us a call and we would be more than happy to help!

Remember, we are a Full Service Audio Visual Production Company. We can provide on-site technicians to assist in the
setup, breakdown, or operations of the equipment.  Feel free to give us a call for a quote!
Shure SM 48 Wired Mic
wired microphone. Great for
Q&A, Podiums, and tabletop
Pop filter built in.

Day Rate: $Call
Weekly Rate: $Call
Shure SM 57 Wired Mic
This microphone is great for
live bands.  This would be
used to mic up drum sets.
40hz - 15khz response.

Day Rate: $Call
Weekly Rate: $Call
Shure Wired Push to Talk MX418
This wired gooseneck push to talk
is great for tables, conferences,
and many other uses! One of the
most popular microphones!
50hz - 17khz response.
Snap fit foam screen.
Cardiod pattern.
10' xlr cable.
Consenser Microphone.
48v phantom power.

Day Rate: $Call
Weekly Rate: $Call
Wireless Countrymen Headset
Used with any wireless kit such
as above (Shure ULPX4).
Omni directional
20hz - 20khz respone.
55" long cable

Day Rate: $Call
Weekly Rate: $Call
Shure/Crown PZM Wired Mic
This microphone is great for
meetings, conference rooms
or used to mic up drum sets.
20hz - 20khz response.
Hemispherical polar pattern.
48v phantom power.
6' xlr cable

Day Rate: $Call
Weekly Rate: $Call
Microphone Stands
We offer two kinds of
microphone stands.
Your choice!

Day Rate: $Call
Weekly Rate: $Call
Tabletop Microphone Stand
This tabletop mic stand will
work with any wired or wireless
handheld microphone.

Day Rate: $Call
Weekly Rate: $Call
Shure Wireless ULXP4
We only provide the best.  This
is the highest quality wireless
hands on!  
8-9 hrs batter life.
554 - 865 mhz freq ranges.
100 meter range.
UHF - legal frequency ranges.
Includes both handheld and lav.
(2) 9 volt batteries.

Day Rate: $Call
Weekly Rate: $Call
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