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All of the products below are used for audio transfer.  We have lots of adapters, cables, and accessories.  We have listed the most
popular for rent.  If you have any problems choosing out cables, give us a call and we would be more than happy to help! If you don't see
the item you are looking for Call Us.

Remember, we are a Full Service Audio Visual Production Company. We can provide on-site technicians to assist in the setup, breakdown,
or operations of the equipment.  Feel free to give us a call for a quote!
Remember, most cables are included in your rental of microphones,
speakers, audio recorders, and mixers.
We only rent cables with equipment. We don't rent cables alone.
XLR Cable
Used for microphones to  
mixing consoles as well as
powered speakers.
Lengths available:
Speaker Cable
1/4" Speaker Cable used to
connect non-powered
instruments. Barrels are
included if necessary.
Lengths available:
Multiple purposes, but
ultimately to transfer audio
and video signal.
Lengths Available:
RCA to mini pin (1/8") Cable
Multiple purposes. It is used
to transfer an audio signal
from RCA to 1/8" or vice versa.
Lengths Available:
NL4 Speaker Cable
This cable is used to connect
certain non-powered
speakers. Barrels are
included if necessary.
Lengths Available:
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